What to do with a woman?

Life with a man. It is not so easy to stay with a woman, not easy to keep her company, not easy to take care of her, not easy to love her. But after a few months of dating, it is far easier to make a decision about relationships and relationships. No need to wait for the perfect she will not see. There is a possibility to make a lot of decisions based on your own values. But if you are wrong, then you will be right. Here, we will talk about the main options:1. Stay around and follow her around. This option is the most common and convenient option. It will leave a positive impression on her and allow you to get closer to her. But in your mind, the girl will feel like a victim, as if she were abandoned. This option can be dangerous because in the future a terrible thing will happen to her and she will not be able to make her own choices.2. Break up and find a new one. How this will end is not yet known. But the truth is, you will probably have to break up, find a new one, and move in together. This option is not suitable for a long-term relationship. It can only be one night. But if it lasts long enough and you are lucky, you can make a good choice.3. Intrigue and get to know each other. This option is not suitable for a long-term relationship. You will have to show a little spark and show yourself to be more than an ordinary girl. But if you keep the spark in you, it will spark your emotions, make you want to immediately start communicating with her.4. Be together for a long time. The girl can't say no to you. But if you are serious about your plans and you try to keep the relationship going, you can have a long-term relationship.5. Live together and share your life. But if the girl won't have a long-term relationship, then the situation will become complicated. That's why you should live together and share your life together.6. No need to quarrel and argue. Your relationship will go smoothly and without quarrels. But if there are disputes, you will have to solve the quarrels yourself, and the girl will be able to solve the quarrels herself.7. Believe in yourself and your ideas. Maybe she is right about you, but she doesn't know it. Believe in yourself and your ideas, and the relationship will be easy and easy for you.8. Be strong. When the woman asks for you to go to the movies to watch the movie, make a dinner together, or stay at the house for a while, you will be able to say yes. The problem is that the girl will be angry at you and will ask for help. But you will not be able to

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