Top 30 mistakes when preparing for a wedding. What not to do

If you have a small budget, it is quite difficult to conduct a high-quality ritual.

The wedding ceremony is a special story. There are conflicting, vivid emotions. Young people and organizers think through details, pronounce the nuances of the upcoming event. Knowing common mistakes makes a wedding easy and memorable.

Shortcomings, even the smallest ones, can greatly spoil the mood of young people and guests. Fuss and fatigue make it difficult to take into account the details. Assistant in this case – a checklist with a list of what you don't need to do when using the app. just like at a wedding.


Be guided by your own preferences when setting a wedding day. It is impossible to adapt to relatives and acquaintances. You won't be able to please everyone, and it takes a lot of effort. This is your event, and your date. Holding a celebration on a weekday, not in the following hours: seasonal time will save you money.


Trouble comes with the search for a restaurant, wedding attire, musical accompaniment, when the estimated amount is not specified in advance. Then you have to reduce the list of invitees, look for another place. It's better to start, understanding the style, format, styles, and financial capabilities.


Determine in advance how many months it takes to organize a wedding. Add another half of the planned period. The probability of making it on time will be quite real. Plan for 4 months, add a couple, semi-annual The marathon will allow you to raise the necessary funds, solve organizational issues, and choose your dream dress.


Exhausted newlyweds at their own event — not the best alignment. There is absolutely no need to try to redo things alone. Loss of strength due to a sense of responsibility, exhaustion physical, moral – the expected result. Connect your family and friends, find intelligent relatives, and ask for help from specialists. Plan your business, time management is indispensable here.


During the preparation period, thoughts are focused on what excites. Life goes on, little by little who is interested in talking about wedding chores, constant conversations about bouquets, decorations, food will start to repel people. Switch, set aside time for work moments, rest. Go to the movies, visit the salon, take wellness treatments, walk in nature, any entertainment will help you stay adequate a human being. Balance will lead to harmony.


Ordering invitations is not a problem right now. Design firms offer a variety of catalogs. Look at the reputation of the establishment. The race for cheapness has certain consequences. The cheaper, the lower the quality. Landing list of invitees talk to the designer and make sure to check the finished product. Landing is the first thing you need to pay attention to. It is acceptable to put unfamiliar people at the same table, but mixing generations is hardly a good idea. It's hard to say how this will turn out.


The ideal wedding in the head and in practice-different concepts. Often the idea looks different in different colors, the room decorators know how to create an atmosphere. Cooks can bake cakes, musicians come with a ready-made program. Coordination of the process is important, but control, bringing to the ideal is strong it'll wear you out.


A wedding extravaganza is an expensive business, especially in the thematic area. The analysis of finances, the ratio of the expected with the actual has not yet failed anyone. It's a bad idea to hope for cash gifts. Loans must be repaid, and amounts from gift money is usually not enough. Perhaps reviewing the positions during preparation will save you from contacting the bank.


It is difficult to be in two places at the same time, the hours in the day do not stretch as desired. It's stupid to try to do everything yourself, recruit assistants, contact agencies. To You stop managing the process.


It is an erroneous opinion that brides should take on the burden of wedding troubles. And even try to choose plates or wine glasses for the ceremony together with your chosen one. From the first steps, the foundation is laid in a relationship. On the device on your first holiday together, be a team.


The motorcade becomes an external indicator of affluence. It is assumed that the more cars, the higher the status. The brand, color, and design are important. What's the point of spending most of your money on cars when the level of weddings are significantly lower. Transport, restaurants, clothing, entertainment-in the general style, you need to try to maintain a balance of all directions.


Often young people complain about weather conditions. After all, it was thought out to the smallest detail, and the rain spoiled the mood. Outdoor activities requires careful development. You can not rely on the absence of rain or wind with the hope that it will "carry". Come up with an additional plan. A summer covered playground, a huge professional carport and an enclosed space never hurt.

You can't predict each one a small change.


Disagreements are already in the process of getting to know your parents. Someone wants a wedding, someone needs a trip. You'll still have to negotiate. Attract a third party from among your friends, relatives, or organizers. This approach will open up several options for acceptance of the agreement.


About toastmasters and musicians. Gone are the days with an accordion and a skilled relative leading the wedding. Now they are turning to professionals for help. Be careful here. Quite often they offer a full package of services. When choosing artists and presenters, see how they perform they work, ask your friends, and study the recommendations. And only then decide. Conclusion of written contractual obligations is a business approach, price policy and guarantees are discussed.


Yes, organizers like to add traditions to wedding ceremonies, rituals. Refusing to participate in the performance at the wedding itself is useless. In a bad light, you will look like yourself. Agree in advance according to the scenario. Learn the details of contests, games, and rituals.


Gift bags are given with items or money, sometimes they are not given at all. you should attach a checklist with a list of preferences to the invitation if your friends are financially limited. Now they practice pre-wedding websites with a list of gifts. Guests can enter their details in front of the item or just give it as a gift. The possibility of choice – showing respect, caring for the invited guests from the groom and brides.


There are always enough tips. The mistake of listening, agreeing with everyone, pleasing without a reason, is definitely stupid. A wise decision is patience on your part. A nod of the head in agreement is sometimes enough. How the story unfolds further is up to you.


Brides before the celebration begin to think about their waist. The Internet is full of diet tips for 1 day or more. Special nutrition – stress for the body. Changes are reflected in the state of health, face, and general condition. A slim waist will not cover the painful appearance in any way. A competent approach to the issue is important lose weight before the event.


Rehearsing the appearance of the future wife is a prerequisite for the groom's peace of mind. Whether you choose your own makeup, hairstyle, or manicure by yourself or with the help of a stylist, conduct a trial master class. Make sure how well the color scheme is combined palette, style. How long it takes to create an image. Be careful when applying artificial tanning. A girl who is burned or darkened by several tones is a sad image.


The area of the hall should correspond to the number of people present. On too big if people get lost, they will feel awkward and uncomfortable. In a small room and a large volume of invited guests, it is difficult to breathe and dance. Usually restaurant administrators know which room to offer, so listen to the advice.


A decent photographer is chosen solely based on recommendations. This is not quite so. You can see a specialist based on their work. What your friend likes doesn't suit you. A pre-wedding photo shoot is possible, then it will become clear whether to continue working together or not. Price, quality, these conditions are the main ones when concluding a contract.


It's fashionable, beautiful, modern. But more often an informal, staged procedure. Official exit registration is allowed in some locations. The price in both cases is rather high. If you have a small budget, it is quite difficult to conduct a high-quality ritual.


The bride's outfit is a dream dress. Image it is born long before the purchase or tailoring. In fact, the ideal outfit is one that does not interfere and does not restrict movement, creates a sense of lightness of the fabric. Shoes add their own requirements. A tribute to fashion should not overlap the comfortable condition of the leg. Tight clothes, uncomfortable shoes will not add joy.


There will definitely be children at the festival. It's a mistake to think they'll find something to do. Of course, the children are watched by their parents. And if you provide more animators, playgrounds and entertainment, then everyone will win.


There is no need to talk about the dishes and the amount of products. There are different preferences here. The main thing in the question of feeding is who is responsible for nutrition. The absence of a primary coordinator can lead to disastrous consequences. Serving appetizers and hot dishes at the right time and in sufficient quantity is an important aspect for the ceremony. Well-thought-out time intervals before changing dishes are made invisible to others. It is better not for parents to be responsible for this direction, they have their own tasks. Look for professionals among your friends or ask for help from agencies that organize celebrations.


Save on wedding decor rashly, in the absence of funds is necessary review the budget. For the arch, you can use other materials, only decorate the bridal table with flowers. Put small compositions of artificial elements on the tables. The emphasis on small things is not always justified, textiles look more profitable in comparison with candlesticks.


Cooks will help determine the size, taking into account the number of visitors. Choosing a cake for a wedding, it is better to try it, look at the decor, composition, filling. Heavy cream biscuits are rarely eaten completely at the end of the evening after a plentiful meal. With yogurt cream more economical and light option.


The moment of departure of young people at the final part of the celebration. This episode remains in the memory of those present. Leaving quickly, without long goodbyes, will help the final dance, played out in a staged way, or another solemn exit on the way to the car. Advantage planned departure − end of the event.


Here's what you definitely shouldn't do at a wedding, so it's worrying and nervous. You can't predict every little thing. Try to treat the current troubles with a bit of humor.

what NEXT?

Usually, when a holiday is being prepared, thoughts and concerns are directed in one direction. The "after" moment is missed. Planning a trip, further life after the wedding extravaganza requires no less attention. You should think about that too!

Organization and organization of the wedding itself it involves many directions. When creating a plan, take into account the little things, but do not dive into it with your head.

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