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Apr 15, - princess trainer general - akabur general, proper links this time edition On Magic Shop, my game keeps freezing on the Lara Croft sex scene after she kills the beholder, has Cinderella (imagine dat GOAT fetish setup) 2.

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Will be making a thread then if no one beats me to it. In the meantime maybe akabur cinderella will be a place to go? Or maybe I'm worrying too much, and it will stay here forever full of people asking how to open the cindefella.

If you've played it once all the way through you've most likely seen everything the game has to offer and one can only talk for akabur cinderella long akabur cinderella that.

It's not all bad though. Maybe hgg will have more western animal poen now?

Princess Trainer Gold Edition Uncensored Part 31, free sex video.

Akabur cinderella nothing else this thread had proven over the last week that there very much is an audience for a well made western porn game. And also that somehow people who are braindead can turn on computers and get to 4chan.

cinderella akabur

Big emphasis on the question mark, hm? Princess Trainer - International buisness. I know, it sucks. It looks like you might but it's pure railroad. The game gives you choices, but akabur cinderella quite linear. Ain't akabur cinderella Blue Bonnet Begins can do, bud.

The man who made this game is wonderful.

cinderella akabur

He needs to lead a team of developers to make a more complete akabur cinderella. This shit was way too short and too much time is spent making enough money for classes. That shit is a hentai game waiting to happen.

cinderella akabur

How are you on 4chan if you don't know how to open an akabur cinderella One, how do I start quest To Each His Own.

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I've doneI Fuck Town - Street Girl 12 and 13 left. Two, what the hell happened to Lola? After she tried to be a real worker at the brothel and her mom being like "lol no", she's just gone. I know a few akabur cinderella games like this that did that.

I'm at like day or something, I used a lot of days just earning money. Just sleep in your bed with no activities. I even walked up to the sultan on day 2 expecting to get a shitty game over screen or something but all I got was the sultan saying "gtfo and come back when you finally broken Jasmine, akabur cinderella. All I akabur cinderella think about is how much I would love to have a threesome with those two sisters. But that's only assuming he even wants to make other Princess cinddrella.

He's akabur cinderella even done with this one. Guess he didn't finish that part either, god damn it. Finished quest 12, now how do I start quest 13? It's pretty much all that's left. Besides that, I just need to earn coins, lower Jasmine's reputation, and I'm pretty much done. If Jafar is the sultan, and Jasmine cinderwlla the princess, then that makes her his daughter?

cinderella akabur

akabur cinderella So this game has an incest twist? Why does he cinderells her to be degraded and turned into a prositute before marrying her?

Why does he need you to pay for the wedding, and her classes?

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Surely he'd be rich enough to pay cinderellla it himself. Why does the player character go through with it all, just to feel guilty at the end? Guess you never watched Aladdin? Jafar's not her real akabur cinderella, he just usurped her father's position as sultan 2. He's still updating the game, right? The link on the main menu leads to nothing really. I'd love to see if he akabur cinderella the game with actual Lola scenes since aria hentai apologizes in-game for their absence.

cinderella akabur

I did get a bit of feels at the end, but holy shit did that parade scene drag for me. Jafar took over the country as Sultan. Jasmine is akabur cinderella princess because she's the daughter of the previous one.

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He wanted to marry her to make solidify his power and make akabur cinderella victory complete. You're supposedly a slave trainer. He wants her broken professionally, and her reputation among the commoners destroyed.

cinderella akabur

Akabur cinderella hired you for that. He does pay for your apartment and food not shown. Her paying for the wedding is more symbolic.

Cinderella Version 0.4

They lost and he got his mind wiped. You training her was also part of his revenge.

cinderella akabur

By the end of the game you've recovered your memory of who you are and what you've done. He uses you against your former akabur cinderella s for akabur cinderella sick entertainment and revenge. Realizing such thing after everything is done ain't pretty.

cinderella akabur

Just realized something, shouldn't Jasmine be aware of all that? Jasmine is just a regular human.

cinderella akabur

She doesn't realize a thing. But he stripped Jafar of akabur cinderella wizard powers making him 'just' a sultan again. The universe then reset itself to these values. So both Jafar and Jasmine, being human, don't remember anything. Not fully buying that, but makes some degree of sense.

cinderella akabur

And right before the universe went boom he cursed the name Akabur. Far left, thank me later.

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Rack furry Dick Akabyr to rest, Here atop my balls It shall rise no more. The Iris portrait was created by Dahr, the scenes themselves were created by Akabur.

I don't want to see akabur cinderella shit. Monster girls kind of fit Wonderland. Maybe Rapunzel if we akabur cinderella lots of foot scenes Their quality is of opinion of people who can actually read them since most are in japanese. Ardanea on July 27,4: I've clicked the spot sooooo many times. Shes wearing the red dress, the clock dings, it does the three panel split, and I click the bottom one when it turn into a cinderrella, but nothing akabur cinderella. Is something supposed to happen there?

Naughtynaughty on July 28,akabur cinderella Qkabur Clamps on her face still win over all. And with the added Sexizu Sylvia on her chest Oh and by the way.

cinderella akabur

That mouse girl needs to get it I love the mouses face when akabur cinderella is wearing the red dress. Akabur cinderella on July 27,1: I miss cihderella sounds and music It would be cinderell to have it in game But I'm just one man.

This game enslaved me for almost a week as it is SpacePirateLord on July 27, zone midna, 1: Akabur cinderella having done flash for quite a while, I'll tell you this Music and sounds are EASY to add in.

cinderella akabur

All you need to do is a create a timeline for the music nidalee porn set it akabur cinderella continuously loop.

And the sounds are either set on the same frame as an action, or set to play in relation to a code. Like, you could easily add akabur cinderella

cinderella akabur

Just put the sound on the same frame as the contact. Thank you for the advice. I could add some music, if you have any ides - give me the name of the track or send me an MP3 and I will add it I also could add slaping sound, but having only one sound for the whole game would look stupid.

Plus I don't akabur cinderella to ruin that flash with some completely out of place sounds cut hentai anal sex games from some porn. I've seen tons akabur cinderella great flash-games being ruined by atrocious sound effects I could find edit, remix suitable sounds, but I will have to spend precious time on it when I can be drawing Gettin pumped creating something else SpacePirateLord on Akabur cinderella 27,5: Well, Akabur cinderella don't have this But I would imagine the music from Simbro 2.6 would fit right in.

cinderella akabur

akabur cinderella Just see if you can find some. Also, Pussymon 2 are a number of sound libraries out there where you can find moans and whimpers and other things that don't sound porno-ish.

You just have to look. Also, I'm sure your female fans might be able to help out if you want more authentic akabur cinderella. At least, I would hope so. RobotMagnus on July 27,1: Britneys dress me up. In Bed with Jessica.

Lil Red Hood Forest Victim. Osawari Club Vol 2. Dress My Babe Part 6. Anyway to boost my attack akabur cinderella health? Jun 15, 9. Pretty sure you just have to block his skills right instead of spamming attack it's been a while though.

DurubandJun 15, Jun 15, Played it a while ago and really enjoyed myself. I recommend anyone who likes amine porn games games to download it, it's really entertaining.

Akabur's Disney's Aladdin Princess Trainer princess jasmine 28

However, my akahur real "complaint" about it is: It takes a loooooong ass while before you can really akabur cinderella anything interesting to happen, so if you're impatient, you'd be better off just playing something else. LetrophotJun 15, Jun 16, There are a ton of mods for this too, including the Silver version, which reduce the grind.

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